Training Ideas for Dualthon


Here is a small strategy which you can follow along with at least get ideas of what training would be helpful to do. It is possible to fix the quantity of rest time and repetitions by your requirements.

Running Session Ideas

Endurance session: 1 mile or two-mile reps with a recovery of 90 seconds. It is good to do a light jog, a minimum of 3 sets. You can work towards five or five games.
Speed session: 400m or 800m repetitions, between 10 and 15 sets. Having a 2 min recovery mild run, this helps the muscles to remain warm and to prevent the build-up of lactic acid.

Bike Session Ideas

If you’ve access to a fitness centre that has a spin bicycle, it’s often great to do your sessions inside. This can provide a more successful training session, even with cadence, meaning the quantity of power you are putting through the pedals. If you decide to use this approach to do your sessions, it is excellent to have a cadence of 80. This is the rate at which you would like to race. The lower your rhythm, the more energy you need to put through the pedals. This can indicate a mountain climb. Every moment increases the resistance (go up a gear), so you’re working on a gradual hill climb, allowing you to build endurance and strength. It’s good to take around a minimum of 2 mins recovery of mild spin on a simple gear. This may be altered to the amount you can perform. You want to be pushing a cadence of 50 to get a mountain climb. This may be done seated or standing, however, you will build more strength carrying out a seated climb.

It’s essential also to combine both areas into one session for your body can adapt to the fast change-over.
1 km jog followed by a 10 min cycle after which a 1 km jog. Again you can make the bike and run for however long you feel up to doing. Recovery of 2-3 mins using a light twist or jog. This can be done in a pair of 4 to 8.
One day should be utilised as a bicycle and run combined session to allow the muscles to adapt. You can do interval training, for example, 2 minutes operate followed by 5 minutes cycle. It’s good to do the shorter sessions fast with more sets.

Bike Transition Practice

If you discover the time to practice a few brief transitions, this can substantially help you on race day as the development is also taken into consideration for your ample time. You can set up a little transition area at home, in which you set up your bike, helmet and bike shoes and only practice running to the bike, putting your mask on and boots, running with the bike for a few metres, then mounting the bicycle. Repeat the identical procedure for dismounting.

Rest Day

Important: Remember to get a rest day to permit your body to recuperate and to avoid harm. It is excellent to do a lot of stretching after every session and also to take protein within 20 mins of completing to hasten the recovery process. It’s good to do between 2 and three sessions a week: 1 bike and one jogging session. In between the sessions, do a light cycle or run, or however long you would like to perform.
Pre-Race Essentials and Preparation
If this is your first Duathlon, you don’t need an expensive bike, to begin with. There are several races offered for beginners which are going to be named Duathlon Try.
Ensure you have your bike checked in a bicycle shop, to ensure everything is running smoothly for your big day.
Begin your carbohydrate load a week before the event, so you’ve got enough fuel in the tank.
Allow yourself enough sleep less than 8 hours every night. It’s perfect for finding additional hours of sleep three days before the event.
Taper down the training per week before the event. Stick to light short sessions with a few quick strides to assist the leg speed.
If you are going to utilise any game nutrition products on race day, make sure that you have tried them during your practice, so you don’t get an upset stomach.
On race morning eat a good breakfast — porridge is an excellent pre-race fuel. In the event the race is about lunchtime it’s good to eat something such as a banana between 1 and 2 hours before the beginning.

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