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The low-carbohydrate, high fat ketogenic (or even” keto) diet continues to rise in popularity with loads of people trying the fad as a weight-loss solution.

While there are no clinical studies or research to support this claim, women have been flooding Reddit to share their”bizarre” experience.

One woman said that despite having lost a lot of weight and improved her gut health, she had noticed a”strange odour from down under”.

“I don’t have any disease or weirdness reason I went into the doctor, I shower every day, and I keep myself very clean… but the previous two weeks I have had this powerful odour. It is not my adorable because my adorable is apparent,” she explained.

“The expression you are what you eat’ holds for odours coming from the vagina,” she said, adding that altering the number of fats and carbs in a woman’s diet is not the only food change that could impact the vagina.

“Pungent spices and foods appear to have a quick lane within our bodies throughout the blood vessels, sweat, lungs, and vaginal secretions producing particularly extreme scents underarms, in the torso, at the genital region… almost anywhere,” Dr Ross told the publication.

“Foods that can give a particularly offensive odour include onions, garlic, mint, curry, garlic, blue cheese and other fermented foods, including cabbage, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, broccoli and asparagus.”

And since the keto diet calls for a mix of high-fat, low-carb foods with moderate proteins, it can be an adjustment for your body to get used to — and possibly cause the “smelly” side effects.

“Foods alter the pH of the human body. At these times, the body will exude specific odours,” Lisa De Fazio, a registered dietitian nutritionist, told The Insider.

“The keto diet (can ) change your vaginal pH, which changes your vaginal odour — and it might not smell like roses,” she said.

According to the nutritionist, a pH imbalance can bring upon “bad” bacteria growth, which in turn can develop irritation, odour, and infections such as bacterial vaginosis — the most common vaginal infection for menstruating people.

“The pH-balance is also a significant element in keeping vaginal health,” she told the publication. “A high-fat diet, especially saturated fat such as on the keto diet, raises vaginal pH and so raises the probability of bacterial vaginosis.”

Sydney-based exercise physiologist Drew Harrisberg quit the keto diet after he too experienced adverse side effects such as bad body odour. Source: Instagram

A vagina should have a pH level between 3.8 and 4.5, which means it is moderately acidic, De Fazio said, pointing out it can vary slightly based on your stage of life.

“During your lifetime, ages 15 to 49, your vaginal pH must be below or equal to 4.5. However, before childbirth and following menopause, a healthy pH will be greater than 4.5,” he said.

“An acidic vaginal environment is also protective. It creates a barrier which prevents unhealthy yeast and bacteria from multiplying too fast and causing disease.”


Sydney-based exercise physiologist Drew Harrisberg quit the keto diet after four months, claiming it is an unsustainable and unsafe diet.

He said while he got great overall aesthetic results, he too experienced adverse side effects such as bad body odour.

“I barely had somebody odour until I began keto — I noticed my underarm odour significantly worsened,” Mr Harrisberg told

“I am a diabetic, and it changed my direction very severely; I became insulin resistant.

“Unfortunately for people on keto, there’s not enough science to back it up long term. I think it is a disastrous diet — yes, the short-term results are appealing because you do lose fat and you may look good and feel energetic with some symptoms improving, but it’s so shortsighted.”

Since you are consuming a large number of animal proteins and milk (high fats) to a keto diet, Mr Harrisberg explained it altered your intestine microbiome (gut flora), which is vital to your wellbeing.

“On the diet, it changes your gut ecology to far less favourable bacteria and this, in turn, will change your gut and affect things like your skin and there’ for the ladies,” Mr Harrisberg explained.

After switching to a plant-based strategy three months past, the physiologist said it had reversed his entire body odour and donated to additional health benefits.

“My take on the keto diet is that essentially it changes your microbiome, and the changes are unfavourable for your health — that could be what’s causing a flow-on effect from the high-fat food, animal product consumption which then causes systemic changes,” he explained.

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