Types of Planet Fitness Gym Membership


Planet Health was based within the yr 1992, by Michael Grondahl. He took over a beforehand established fitness center that was financially struggling. He lowered the charges to compete with the opposite well-known fitness center manufacturers. This low price enterprise mannequin is concentrated on the primary time customers, reasonably than extra skilled members. Planet Health began franchising in 2003, and now has a series of over 300 golf equipment for health coaching in 31 states, with a membership base, which is nearing 2 million.

Membership Particulars

  • Planet Health has a primary membership plan, which is underneath USD 10 for a month.
  • The USD 10 membership is primary, however, if you need some extra services, then you may go for the USD 19.95 month-to-month membership.
  • On this plan, one can use the tanning beds and therapeutic massage chairs.
  • After signing up for his or her membership, you get a styling T-shirt and a purple pen without cost.
  • The sign-up charge is USD 49.
  • The membership additionally serves pizzas and bagels as soon as a month.
  • They’re going to introduce an annual fitness center membership charge for USD 39, which is able to begin around June 2011.

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Optimistic Critiques

  • Planet Health does not ask you to enroll in an annual membership. If you happen to do not just like the offered services, you may stop it from the following month.
  • This fitness center has all the mandatory health tools for exercising that one wants. Quite a few cardio machines like treadmills and elliptical trainers are additionally used. They’ve dumbbells and machines for weight coaching.
  • It is usually known as a ‘no frills fitness center’, which implies it’s good for people who find themselves not on the lookout for further services like a pool, racquetball membership, or different health courses.
  • It’s geared toward new members, and is legendary for its ‘no judgment zone’.
  • All of the tools are catered to the primary time customers to carry out the fitness center exercises. Therefore no bodybuilders or muscled individuals might be mocking the lack of fitness center prowess of the brand new customers.
  • In addition, they have loads of TV’s, and one can proceed to operate and jogging on the treadmill, whereas watching their favorite TV exhibits.
  • The membership has a juice bar the place smoothies and different bottled drinks are offered.
  • In a small space, garments and different merchandise like belts and gloves are offered.

Destructive Critiques

  • There was an issue due to a New York Occasions information stating the general public cancellation of a patron’s membership at their Wappingers Falls. Nonetheless, this resulted in the membership calling the police for investigation and for questioning this member. A lawsuit for defamation on a part of the ex-member was crammed, and this was lastly settled for an undisclosed quantity.
  • Planet Health does not supply any private coaching. Nonetheless, there are three free courses that a member can attend. The courses are about the right way to use the machines and to do the workout routines.
  • The customer support evaluations by many customers will not be constructive.

If you’re on the lookout for an elaborate place, which has wonderful service and provides good private coaching, this fitness center is just not for you. Nonetheless, in case you are on the lookout for a technique to drop extra pounds quick or match, then Planet Health has all of the tools and services at an unbelievably low month-to-month membership.


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